Matt McDarby

I began my B2B selling career twenty-five years ago, and the journey from average seller to highly effective seller and sales leader has been amazing, humbling, and gratifying.

While working in the sales training industry, I noticed an under-served need. No one was focusing enough time and energy on developing and training sales managers. Sales managers serve in the pivotal role in any business, so I attacked the opportunity to serve and develop them by starting my own sales management coaching and development company in 2010.

Since then, my mission has been to help sales managers recognize important opportunities for development, to acknowledge and address problems that are keeping them from growing, and to help them identify and pursue new ways to achieve their most important objectives.

I published my first book in September 2017, The Cadence of Excellence: Key Habits of Effective Sales Managers, and the experience reinforced the value of storytelling. With all the dry statistics and jargon-heavy talk we see about professional sales and leadership, I’ve found that people gravitate to stories about how others succeeded and overcame common obstacles.

In 2017, my company became known as Specialized Sales Systems after I joined forces with my long-time colleague, Dan Smaida. Specialized is a very untraditional sales training company, and we are delivering fantastic results for our clients. I am excited to report that my next book will be co-authored with Dan, so please stay tuned for updates on the release of the new book!

Matt McDarby Author of The Cadence of Excellence: Key Habits of Effective Sales Managers

Matthew McDarby

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