Interviews & Appearances

Workshops for Sales Management Teams 

Are you looking for clear thinking about sales leadership and a highly valuable and engaging facilitated discussion with your sales management team?

This is the zone in which I most frequently operate, and I work with clients and partners to deliver sales management team workshops that are practical, actionable, and a perfect fit for your business. Whether we’re talking about topics straight out of “The Cadence of Excellence” or digging into gnarly sales execution issues together, I promise to make your team think and commit to real, productive changes they will be motivated to execute.

 I am available for sales kickoffs, sales management team off-sites, and virtual workshops. 

Go-To Source for Sales Management Best Practices 

I make frequent appearances as a web panelist, contributor, or interviewee on online magazines, podcasts, and industry / trade sites. Following are some recent examples: 

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Matt McDarby is the author of “The Cadence of Excellence: Key Habits of Effective Sales Managers” and currently Managing Director of Specialized Sales Systems. Matt is a top-producing enterprise sales executive and sales leader, and he has spent the last fifteen years helping sales management teams and their sales forces increase their effectiveness and grow sales. He coaches and advises B2B sales leaders all over the world, helping them to achieve significant growth in competitive and complex sales environments. Matt is known for his ability to help sales managers address critical sales performance issues and achieve dramatic sales growth.

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